Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthy smile is a happy smile.  And at The Dalles Dental Care our number one priority is the health and happiness of your and your family’s smile.

However, achieving your brightest, most brilliant, healthiest, most dazzling smile can sometimes require more than simple cleaning and maintenance.  That’s where our specialization in Cosmetic Dentistry comes into play, in helping you create, maintain, and enjoy your best possible smile.

Whether utilizing Implants, Crowns, or Bridges to replace damaged or missing teeth, using veneers to cover cracks or gaps, or utilizing teeth whitening to help clean stains from a lifetime of enjoyment of coffee or dark beverages, The Dalles Dental Care specializes in all of the above.  Our knowledgeable dental staff is available to consult with you on the best possible methods for enhancing, shaping, and bringing out your most dazzling and beautiful smile.   Call, e-mail, or come by today to discuss how our Cosmetic Dentistry specialists can be of service.