Crowns and Bridges

A Dental Crown

Whether due to accident, disease, or other unfortunate events, there may come a time when individual teeth or groups of a patient’s original teeth will no longer properly function, or be cosmetically acceptable.  When that occurs, Bridges and Crowns can be excellent solutions to help cover a patient’s needs.

Bridges and Crowns are prosthetic dental devices that are cemented into place, either on top of existing teeth or through the utilization of implants.

Crowns are typically used to completely cover a damaged tooth or completely cover, or “cap” an implant.

A Dental Bridge

Bridges are most commonly utilized to fill in a gap by covering a space where a patient may be missing one or more teeth in a row.

Dr. Haley Easling and the staff at The Dalles Dental Care specializes in the art of helping patients decide the best solution for repairing or covering diseased or missing teeth, and helping patients by swiftly, comfortably, and professionally installing, maintaining, and cleaning Bridges and Crowns and other prosthetics.

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