Oral Hygiene

A Toothbrush and ToothpasteSimply put – there is nothing more important to the long term health of your mouth, your gums, and your teeth than proper oral hygiene.

Sugars in food interact with saliva to create acids and, if left to its own devices, this acid can eventually wear down the enamel on the teeth, leading to cavities and tooth decay.

Food particles can get stuck in crevices, on and in-between teeth.  Left uncleaned, these particles can become breeding grounds for bacteria, which can seep into the gums causing gum disease and undermining the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw.

Over time, plaque can build up, causing gingivitis and cavities; degrading the overall health of your mouth.

Luckily – all of these things can be, if not completely, then at least mostly mitigated through the use of proper Oral Hygiene techniques and treatment.

Whether through cleanings done by our trained dental hygienists, or through consultation with our dentists on how to enact the best possible habits and plans for home-health in the oral-hygiene realm, The Dalles Dental Care center has you covered.  We can help educate you in both simple and cutting edge techniques to keep your mouth happy, healthy and disease free.

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